Our philosophy at Colours is our paramount commitment to continuing education.You might have noticed that we have tiered pricing; one substantial aspect of our stylists moving through the tiers is advanced education. Our definition of “advanced education” is a 2-5 day classroom/styling floor experience in an advanced academy. No, trade shows, junkets and look & learns do not count. – we mean advanced EDUCATION.

At Colours three of us are “American Board Certified Haircolorists” (for more information, visit We know that to be truly competent, capable and creative in haircoloring, a stylist needs much more than what we get out of school or some manufacturers’ classroom. Certification requires a 3-6 month home study program culminating in a day long test held at various locations around the country. This not an easy test and only about 50% of the candidates actually pass.

So, you can see, at Colours advanced education means a lot to us and to you. It insures that your visit will involve stylists really looking at you with a trained eye in line with your ideas to create the look you’ve always wanted.

Our Founder

After 35 years of experience in the beauty industry, Paul’s dream of owning a team based hair color salon came alive September 15, 1999 with the opening of Colours, in Boulder, Colorado. Paul has enjoyed a career as a hairdresser for 35 years and a hair colorist for 20. He graduated from the National Beauty College in Canton, Ohio in 1976 and did his apprenticeship at Glemby International Salon in N.E. Ohio. His training includes studies with world-renowned colorists at Haircolor USA and the International Haircolor Exchange. He currently works with the American Board of Certified Haircolorists as a Subject Matter Expert, Team Leader, and Evaluator at the certification programs around the country. Some of his most meaningful education came in the 70’s with Jeffery Paul in Rocky River, Ohio, learning the importance of bone structure as the basis from which a hairstyle begins. Paul has other experience in all phases of the salon industry, including: sales support, directing education, manufacturing, and distribution. He is passionate about providing opportunities for people entering the beauty profession.