Cutting and Styling
“Colours” philosophy of hair cutting is that every person is unique and needs a style that expresses their personality. Our stylists perform cuts that compliment hair type. Styles are innovative, beautiful and truly original.

After choosing the shampoo and conditioner that best fit your needs, your stylist will cleanse and condition your hair including a relaxing scalp massage. They will then blow-dry your hair with a beautiful finish.

Special Occasion Style
Whether it is a wedding, prom or special event, our stylists are here to create your perfect look. From long, flowing curls to the perfect up-do, this service will prepare you for your important occasion. Please come to your appointment with clean, dry hair.

Men’s Haircut and Style
You will receive a thorough consultation, a terrific shampoo, condition, and scalp massage, and the cut you’ve had in mind. (We are happy to rinse your hair again to get rid of all those tiny, itchy hairs.)

Talent Level
New Talent
Rising Star
Advanced Creative
Haircut & Style 40 49 58 65 69 73
Shampoo & Style 33 45 49 54 57 60
Special Occasion 55 74 85 85 85 85
Men’s Haircut & Style 33 44 46 49 50 52


Dimensional Haircolour / Foil Highlighting
Highlighting or dimensionally colouring your hair is still the most popular service. This traditional highlighting method creates results from subtle to dramatic. Our hair color specialists can help you achieve your desired look while preserving the integrity of your hair. Your service will include one hair colour or adding another one or two for an even more dimensional colour. (additional charges will apply)

Full Highlight
Your stylist will carefully weave foils throughout your entire head creating beautiful movement .

3/4 Highlight
Your stylist will carefully weave foils throughout all of your hair, except for the undermost portion.

Partial Highlight
Your stylist will apply foils from the top of your head to just behind the ears, leaving the underneath portion of your hair natural.

Flash Highlight
You stylist will carefully apply foils in the most important areas, along your part and around your face, to brighten and refresh your look.

Classic Colour Techniques
Deep, rich, consistent colour enriched with luxurious conditioners and expertly applied by your stylist means the hair colour you receive from “Colours” is simply the best available. Whether you are going for an all out colour change or want to hide or blend away grey hair, “Colours” has you covered.

Full Hair Colour
From a slight hint of colour to a dramatic change, this process lets you decide.

Grey Reduction
Your stylist will panel your natural colour through your hair to minimize and blend existing grey for a truly natural look. It’s like rolling back the hands of time – you still retain some of the mature hair which results in a low maintenance, refreshed appearance.

Revitalize and Tone
If you find your colour needing a boost, this is the service for you! Your stylist will apply a demi-permanent, refreshing toner on your hair to give you a little boost and can even include a few highlights in the most essential areas.

Full-On Blonde
The platinum look Marilyn and Madonna made famous. The very sexy lightest of light blonde. (If toning is needed it can easily be added – additional toner charge applies).

Grey Blending
This demi-permanent color is applied to your hair for an ultra-natural look and easy grow out. This service is almost exclusively for men and their very minimal hair coloring needs.

This is a specialized hand-painted method that creates a more natural highlighting effect.

Talent Level
New Talent
Rising Star
Dimensional Hair Colour
Full Highlight 89 117 132 142 152
3/4 Highlight 83 111 124 135 145
Partial Highlight 73 95 108 118 131
Flash Highlight 62 80 90 99 107
Classic Colour Techniques
Full Hair Colour 55 67 70 78 88
Grey Reduction 62 75 80 88 99
Revitalize & Tone 44 54 58 63 73
Full-On Blonde 62 75 80 90 101
Grey Blending 33 44 46 49 52
Full Balyage 102 133 150 163 174
3/4 Balyage 94 126 142 151 166
Partial Balyage 83 110 123 135 149


Any of these services can added to the above hair color services to enrich, enhance and nuance any colour service.

Deca foils are a service in which a few highlights (about ten) are added to provide more dimension. Paneling is a similar service, but the color is painted on a board verses using foils. These usually are added to an all-over color service to help provide a natural look.

Colour Among
This additional service is added to highlights when you need your new growth colour changed or when covering grey.

Gloss and Toners
A gloss or toner is used when your color needs a little extra “oomph” and shine, often used in conjunction with another color service. It balances the tone and finish of almost any hair color.

Colours Added
All the above primary color services included one color. These added colors are often low-lights, added highlights, or a complimentary colors to add texture to the hair.

Colour Correction
Priced upon request. Correcting a haircolour typically means that the colour you have now is way off and not easily remedied with just highlights, all-over color, or a toner. We request whenever possible coming in for a consultation prior to scheduling a service appointment to determine suitability, price, and time, so we are sure to be able to give your hair the attention it needs.

Colour Filler
This service is most often used when taking hair two to three shades darker than it currently is. When even greater changes are made, a more involved filling process is utilized and is priced at “full hair color” prices.

Do you remember how your hair would lighten up just a touch after going to the beach or a fun summer outside? That is what this service provides. It is often done in conjunction with a highlight to bring some life into the remaining untouched hair.

Deca Foils/Paneling
Colour Among 32
Gloss & Toners 17
Colours Added 17 each
Colour Fillers 32
Cocktail 17
Conditioners w/ Colour 17
Colour Correction price upon consult



Fusio-dose Express
Intense 39
Indulgent 58
Color Minded 26


Eyebrow Wax
Eyebrow Tinting 17
Chin Wax 14
Full Jawline Wax 17
Lip Wax 14
*For all hair services additional charges in special circumstances may apply.


Talent Level
Basic Volume (6 panels)
Full Volume (12 panels) 282 326 378
Basic Length (18 panels) 423 489 567
Full Length (24 panels) 564 652 756
*The price range in each method is determined by the length.

*Once applied the extensions are good for daily usage up to 6-8 weeks. After 6-8 weeks, which usually falls within a time frame to refresh hair color, the extensions are removed. New tape is applied while the colour processes, and they are reapplied once the hair is dried. The reapplication cost is less than half the initial cost. After another 6-8 weeks, the hair needs to be removed and replaced with new hair.


– First time appointments at Colours must be secured with a credit card at the time of reservation.
– A full fee will be charged to your credit card for cancellations and appointments missed without a minimum of twenty four (24) hours notice.
– Customers with two or more instances of failed appointments (less than 24 hours notice) will be required to provide a credit card to book future appointments.